Household employment research for Zentzuz Kontsumitu - Errotik
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Household employment research for Zentzuz Kontsumitu

Household employment research for Zentzuz Kontsumitu

Household employment is characterized by being highly feminized and with precarious working conditions. Historically, it’s been a very insidious job in the black market and aimed at poor and/or disadvantaged women. For this reason, Errotik believes that this is an emblematic sector to understand the inequalities of gender, social class and origin. Thus, on the road to improving the situation of women in relation to working conditions and health, and in general in the feminist struggle, it is necessary to research what is happening in this sector.

Thanks to the proposal of Zentzuz Kontsumitu we have had the possibility of developing a participative research with the aim of understanding a little bit more the situation of domestic workers in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Araba).

The general objective has been to carry out an approximation towards the experiences of domestic workers in Vitoria-Gasteiz and we used both, quantitative and qualitative techniques. On the one hand, a brief analysis of the available statistical data has been carried out and, on the other hand, the personal accounts of the domestic workers have been collected through a corporal workshop, a focus group and personal interviews.

For Errotik it has been a very enriching experience to be able to collect the stories of women households and to collaborate with the team of Zentzuz Kontsumitu. To continue making women’s experiences visible, to denounce the precarious working conditions in this sector and to continue in the struggle towards decent work and the fulfilment of all labour rights for house workers.

The complete investigation can be found on the website of Zentzuz Kontsumitu.