Design and Communication - Errotik
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We design your communication strategy from, by and for equality. Among the services we offer, we highlight:

Web design

Websites are our showcases to the world. It is important that they are as accessible and inclusive as possible. Therefore, Errotik programmers are committed to creating your website from a feminist perspective, offering advice for the texts, images and videos to be published.

Social Media and Communication plans

We develop diagnostics and analysis of the public image. We prepare plans and protocols tailored to the needs of the entity from the perspective of gender and good practice.

Advice on Social Media

We provide the tools for a better communication in Social Media. We support the processes of creation or change of image of the entity, focusing on inclusiveness and equity.

Training in inclusive communication and language

We offer the necessary training to identify sexism in language, exploring in depth the structures and dynamics that support and perpetuate it. Promoting the transmission of an egalitarian and non-stereotyped image of women and men.

We want to help you