EMAITZA. A dream has been fulfilled. - Errotik
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EMAITZA. A dream has been fulfilled.

EMAITZA. A dream has been fulfilled.

October 8th was a very special day for the workers of Errotik Cooperativa. We have been designing ‘Emaitza’ project for more than a year, and it has finally become a reality.
These 8 women are the ones who make up this gastronomic initiative.

All of them are women who have migrated to Bilbao, some have been living here for more years than others, but they all have the same desire to work and are equally grateful for this opportunity.
They enrich our country with their ethnicity, culture, clothing, language, etc. and we, what do we give them in return?
‘Emaitza’ was born as an answer to that question.
We have given a job opportunity to these women who are in a vulnerable situation. Being a creative cooking initiative, they all have a close relationship with gastronomy and hospitality. To tell the truth, more than one has surprised us with the preparation and flavour of their dishes. Here we leave you some of the photos of October 8 in Bilborock for you to get an idea.

Every month we will organise a gastronomic event in unique spaces or buildings in Bizkaia. To find out where and when the next event will be, go to the EMAITZA website, or visit our social networks.

Sustainability and the use of food

‘Emaitza’ is not only an initiative for socio-labor insertion but also closely related to sustainability and food sovereignty.
The ingredients and products of the menus that will be prepared each month are mostly collected from the Food Bank of Biscay. We also buy the food that producers and small shops do not sell because they have too much, have some physical damage or upcoming expiration date.
In addition, in each of our services we avoid using disposable materials, the utensils are made of noble and reusable material (wooden and ceramic trays, crystal glasses and cups, cotton tablecloths, etc.).

We support and defend projects that are committed to decent working conditions, the sustainability of life, and we are open to any type of collaboration.

Would you like to support EMAITZA in any way? Contact us.

Thank you very much.