Affective-sexual workshop in the Biscayan school of Urdaneta - Errotik
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Affective-sexual workshop in the Biscayan school of Urdaneta

Affective-sexual workshop in the Biscayan school of Urdaneta

Coeducation is a pedagogical proposal that favours the integral development of people in a climate of real equality and without conditions or limitations of any kind depending on their sex, orientation of sexual desire or identity. Errotik’s team is specialized in carrying out processes aimed at working and incorporating this perspective in different formal and informal educational centres.

Within the framework of coeducation, among other things, we carry out workshops and activities related to affective-sexual education. We believe that in a heteropathic society, where the relationship with sexuality is ambiguous, because on the one hand it is a taboo that is not spoken about openly but, on the other hand, we receive many hypersexualized stimuli, people, and especially young people, need spaces where we can talk, reflect and demystify issues related to affective and sexual relationships.

In this sense we work so that young people are accepted, valued and relate to each other being able to express their desires, to respect sexual diversities and to establish sexual affective relations based on respect and good treatment.

During the months of March, April and May 2017 we undertook a small “trip” reflecting on the affective-sexual with young people of 3rd and 4th year of the ESO of the Colegio Urdaneta P.P. Agustinos.

Through the metaphor of the trip, accompanied by a backpack and a travel notebook, we debated, reflected, posed questions and answers, played, laughed and shared special moments to deepen our knowledge about our bodies, emotions, desires, ways of expressing feelings, personal care, etc…

This school has bet for an integral formation characterized by workshops with the students of 3º and 4º of the ESO, formation with teachers and space for personal consultations outside the school hours.

We bet for participative processes so that all the parts learn and teach something and for us it has been a very enriching process. The young people have responded with enthusiasm, curiosity and respect.

Mila esker guztioi!